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About Datart

Datart is a retail company that specializes in selling consumer electronics, home appliances, and related products. The company operates primarily in Central and Eastern Europe and has a strong presence in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Datart offers a wide range of products, including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, televisions, home audio equipment, kitchen appliances, and personal care products. The sales chain consists of more than 100 stores in the Czech Republic and 19 stores in Slovakia.


Datart branchaes

Datart has more than 100 branches in Czecha and Slovakia.


App Screens

Final version of UI design has more that 220 screens.


Years of development

Building of Datart applicattion is continuous process.


Cold brews

I drinked more than 80 brews building this application.

My role on the project

My responsibilty was to create and maintain design of the consumer application from first specification to product deployment.

My role encompassed managing the complete design process of the application, spanning from the initial conceptualization phase to the product's final launch. Specifically, I was accountable for ensuring that the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) were up to par with modern design standards, all while catering to the needs of the target audience.

What was the process of creating design for the Datart consumer application?

During the initial phase of the design process, I was provided with documentation outlining the application's functionalities, which had been prepared by an analyst. Using this documentation as a basis, I proceeded to develop a low-fidelity prototype of the application. Through several meetings with the project manager and the Datart team, I iterated on the prototype, ultimately resulting in a comprehensive UX prototype comprising more than 100 screens. Once the final version of the low-fidelity prototype received approval, it was time to establish a design system featuring sustainable components and high-fidelity UI layouts.

Design system: An absolute must for a project of this scale

In the context of a company and project as significant as this, the implementation of a design system was essential.

Design system provides a standardized framework and set of guidelines that ensures consistency, efficiency, and scalability across all aspects of the application. By establishing and adhering to a design system we created a remarkable application that delivers an exceptional user experience and sets itself apart from the competition.

Instead of searching for products or asking store staff for information, users can obtain all the necessary details by scanning the QR code.

The feature of scanning product QR codes in stores and obtaining detailed information about the product, as well as the ability to order it from an e-shop, has become increasingly popular and convenient for consumers. This technology integrates physical shopping experiences with online capabilities, providing users with quick access to relevant product details and a seamless path to make purchases.

"Since David started working at edgy.digital, he has proven to be an important team member. His approach and proactivity in designing digital products have seen him rise to the position of Head of Design. David brings new and fresh ideas and looks for ways to streamline design processes. Recently, he has been exploring the possibilities of using AI, not only in design. David is meticulous, proactive and a team player with a front-end, animation or photography background."

Jaroslav Janouš

Co-founder at edgy.digital & Placehunter

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