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Predict innovation potential

Web, App
1 designer, 2 developers, PM
Time spent

About Ideapoly

Ideapoly is an innovative tool that enables you to accurately predict the potential for innovation in the market. With Ideapoly, you no longer have to rely solely on quantitative research to gauge the potential success of your ideas. Instead, you can quickly and easily evaluate the value of your ideas and invest in the most promising ones.

My role on the project

My mission was to create responsive web application. When I was invited on project the branding was finished and main functionality was decided.

I was at the head of the entire design process from its inception to the launch of the product on the market. Throughout this journey, I ensured that the design aligned with the vision of the stakeholders and provided an intuitive and engaging user experience for the end-users. Throughout the design process, I collaborated closely with the development team to ensure that the design was technically feasible and aligned with the project timeline.

Engage employees, customers and business partners in innovation.

With Ideapoly you can collect great ideas from your employees, customers and business partners. Make collaboration easy across teams and regions, assess ideas through a prediction market. Engage collective wisdom to create and evaluate innovation concepts.

Harness crowd wisdom to bring in new ideas for your business.

Open your innovation to the world. Refresh your business with innovation ideas from customers and employees. Bring in unexpectedly great ideas and let the crowd intelligence assess how successful they will be on the market.

Test innovation concept success on the market with the highest prediction accuracy.

Use the power of prediction markets. See the potential of your innovation concepts faster and with better accuracy than traditional market research. Ideapoly will provide you with an assessment of the product’s features, their impact on sales, and the specific reasons for product success.

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