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Influencers transformed into AI

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& Martiina

Real influencers transformed into AI versions of themselves! Way of monetizing follower base by creating an AI version of influencer that can interact with fans 24/7 through voice messages, pictures, videos, and text chat.

First AI influencer in OMGGG app is Martiina, a prominent Instagram influencer from Czechia with over 450K followers. Martiina's AI counterpart offers fans the chance to ask questions, seek advice, or simply chat with her anytime, anywhere. It’s new level of connection with favorite influencers, powered by AI technology.


IG Followers

Martiina has almost 500K followers on instagram.


Story viewers

Average Martiina's story has around 100k views.


Registered users

Users using AI chat to connect with Martiina.


Paying users

Spending money on credits to get photos and chat with Mattina.

My role on the project

My objective was to enhance the user experience of a OMGGG web application by redesigning it, incorporating new features and changing current flows.

I worked closely with product manager Maytas Jurena and our primary focus was to optimize the initial user experience of the application, ensuring a smooth onboarding process. We also introduced a new feature that enables users to request pictures from Martiina in exchange for credits. Additionally, I upgraded the buying screen, providing users with a clear and concise explanation of how credits function and I created animation of credit reduction after sending message.

A new way to connect with AI influencers through generated images.

I've introduced an exciting feature that allows users to easily request image content in exchange for credits. With this new messaging and picture requesting feature, users can now connect more closely with AI influencers.

Driving sales with time-limited offers and discount on the buying screen.

On the purchasing screen, I implemented a time limit display to emphasize the limited duration of the offer. Additionally, I included a discount label to enhance the offer's appeal and improve conversion rates.

"Let me tell you, David is an absolute genius! His innovation in bringing the world of influencers to a whole new level is nothing short of mind-blowing. 💫"


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