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Less searching, more exploring

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About Placehunter

Are you struggling to find a perfect weekend getaway destination? Do you often find yourself lacking the time to scour the web for interesting places to visit? Look no further than Placehunter – a revolutionary mobile travel guide designed to visually showcase the most attractive destinations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria. With Placehunter, you can easily find and explore new and exciting locations, all while saving time and energy.

Whether you're in search of breathtaking natural landscapes or rich cultural experiences, Placehunter has got you covered. Don't miss out on the adventure – download Placehunter today and let the journey begin!

My role on the project

My objective was to enhance the user interface of a mobile application by redesigning it, incorporating new features, and crafting a fresh collection of icons and illustrations.

With the app's color scheme in mind, I created a brand new color palette to ensure that every element of the design complements each other seamlessly. The result is a cohesive and visually appealing interface that enhances the user experience.

End boring trips and lengthy searches for where to go with Placehunter.

In Placehunter, you'll find only the best trips, so you won't go wrong. We carefully selected, personally visited, and photographed each trip. Placehunter is the only mobile app you'll need on your adventures.

Premium design for premium users.

In addition to creating icons and illustrations for the Placehunter app, I developed three distinct sets of screens that were designed for premium content purchases. Each design was meticulously crafted and tested in A/B testing to ensure optimal user engagement and conversion rates. By leveraging data-driven insights and industry best practices, I was able to create visually stunning and highly effective screens that elevate the overall user experience of the app.

Less searching, more exploring.

Placehunter provides a comprehensive selection of destinations, conveniently categorized and searchable within the app or directly on the map. Each location has been personally visited, offering detailed descriptions, stunning photos, difficulty ratings, GPS coordinates, and more. For travelers on the go, the Placehunter app includes an interactive map with nearby recommendations, making it easy to explore nearby gems with just a click.

Custom icons and illustrations to enhance the visual appeal and user experience.

Creating icons is a fundamental design task that involves crafting small, visual representations of concepts, actions, or objects. Icons play a crucial role in user interfaces, web design, mobile apps, and various forms of graphic communication.

"Since David started working at edgy.digital, he has proven to be an important team member. His approach and proactivity in designing digital products have seen him rise to the position of Head of Design. David brings new and fresh ideas and looks for ways to streamline design processes. Recently, he has been exploring the possibilities of using AI, not only in design. David is meticulous, proactive and a team player with a front-end, animation or photography background."

Jaroslav Janouš

Co-founder at edgy.digital & Placehunter

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